Jayney was educated in Oxford and then later trained as a Make Up Artist. In 1990 she founded the very first complete Art department in the UK – FX Team which represented a group of highly selected professionals under one banner and apart from her own artistic input, she assumed responsibility for the budgets for the art department. FX Team worked initially on high end commercials and promos, theatre productions, television shows and its individual members on film productions over the years. Its individuals continue to provide for the same including design & staging events for live shows.

In 2005 Jayney made the natural progression into film production and screen writing, She has prepared multiple budgets for producers in the film industry. She has written and produced short films and her first independent feature film: THE COVEN was released in 2014 and has since been distributed throughout the UK and US and internationally. She is currently involved in three co-productions and her work as a screen writer has been optioned by several film companies.