Pink Flamingo is a film and television production company developing and producing film and television productions that are HMRC pre-approved EIS and or SEIS qualifying productions.


Pink Flamingo's primary focuse is on selecting, developing and producing commercially driven film and television projects with potential for exceptional returns. We believe that investing in commercially driven British film and television productions using an HMRC pre-approved EIS and or SEIS qualifying company offers investors a rewarding and tax efficient investment proposition due to the generous tax benefits available which are considerably more advantageous than most other industries and markets.

Film and Television is an excellent alternative investment to add to your portfolio. Entertainment can be considered "recession-proof" as consumers tend to adopt escapist tendencies in tougher economic times, meaning investment into film and entertainment less likely to suffer from adverse market economics. If you would like to find out how to start investing in a film, then please contact a member of our team who will be able to take you through the application process and discuss film investment in more detail.


- Steven Soderbergh, Director


SEIS and EIS are tax incentive schemes providing up to 50% income tax relief, CGT relief and loss relief for investors who invest in qualifying companies. This is a real boost for investment into the UK’s startup and growth companies. HMRC’s Advance Assurance provides a level of certainty to investors that an investment opportunity will qualify for SEIS or EIS.


Investing in an HMRC pre-approved EIS and SEIS benefits are up 50% back from an initial investment +up to 20% premiums with additional Profit and share participation.


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