TV director Cameron (John Hannah) and his crew arrive at a derelict TB infirmary to film the final episode of his once popular but now discredited ‘Ghost Hunter’ series.  With his marriage and career collapsing he is contemplating suicide, but happens upon the idea of creating a spectacular final show, a lie so great people will think it must be the truth. 

This plan is put on hold though when it becomes apparent that for the first time they have found a genuine haunting, an entity that appears only in reflections and takes a different shape to all who see it.  

Reinvigorated, Cameron wants to capture this on film.  His colleagues are terrified, but he manages to coerce them back into the building. 

STATUS: Completed

TAGLINE: There's no freedom when you are fears slave

GENRE: Drama

DIRECTOR: David Skynner

CAST: John Hannah


LENGTH: 1 hour 45 min

Once inside though the crew seeking to capture the ghost becomes the prey.  Trapped inside, with no mobile phone signals and all exits suddenly sealed, the ancient and sprawling building becomes a labyrinth and one by one the crew come face to face with the wraith, a presence of great power that can see deeply inside them and knows what fear is so profound that they simply cannot bear to countenance it.  It uses this knowledge to pursue and corner them, whereupon their only choice is to face their terror or be destroyed by it.